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Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Post...

Hi, y'all!!!

...just an 'initial post' in order to field any comments you may have regarding this blog... look for future posts over time, which will also be noted on the Gingerology home site.

Until then... thanks for dropping by, and...

Keep It Gingery!!! (KIG)!!!



  1. Hu,

    Here's a nice "Study Guide" for "Vivacious Lady"

    It covers the movie and how it got to the screen but isn't very Gingery or even about Ginger. It DOES have a few pictures in it to look at and enjoy.


    1. Thanks for the info, 'e'!!! It actually WILL be of use, as I plan to have different 'angles' for these blogs, not JUST 'Gingery' ones... you know, other characters, stories connected with the film (for example, see the one about the Waldorf-Astoria at WeekendAtTheWaldorf blogsite) - to kinda give an 'overall synopsis' of a given film, its background, connections to the past and future, etc... ...but yeah, of course they will be 'overwhelmingly' Gingery at the end of the day!!!

      I'm still a few away from this one, review-wise, but...may just check it out soon, anyway! I am DANGEROUSLY close to the 'initial review' for Top Hat, just need to do screencaps and the 'Huey Treatment'... stay tuned!!!

      KIG, 'e'!!! - and thanks again! AAANNDD, PLEASE feel free to comment on ANY of the sites...that's why I set them up!!! :-)